Don't Ignore Your Windshield: Common Issues That Need Professional Attention

12 April 2023
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The best care you can give your car is conducting timely professional maintenance and repair services. The windshield is one area that requires such services as it plays a critical role in protecting you from debris and weather elements and provides structural support to the vehicle. Authorities also require you to drive a vehicle with a properly functioning windshield to protect other road users from accidents. Here are signs of problems with your windshield that require professional repair services. 

Cracks and Chips

Cracks and chips are the most common problems you'll likely experience with your car windshield after a long time of use. That's because they occur due to normal driving circumstances, such as rocks or debris on the road and extreme temperature changes. They may also occur due to manufacturing defects. It's easy to ignore cracks and chips, but they expand over time, affecting your windshield's structural integrity and posing a safety risk. For example, larger cracks obstruct your vision, increasing the chances of accidents. Get professional help to fix or replace the cracks and increase your safety. 


Car windshields have two layers of glass with a layer of plastic called the interlayer in between. The interlayer starts to deteriorate due to age, exposure to harsh weather conditions, or prolonged exposure to sunlight. That results in delamination, i.e., separation of the windshield layers. The most obvious sign of delamination is bubbling between the glass layers. Delamination also obstructs your vision, and you should conduct a professional to fix it in time to avoid accidents. 

Windshield Displacement

Manufacturers carefully install windshields to fit snugly in the vehicle's frame, providing structural support and preventing water and debris from entering the cabin. However, there are some instances where displacement occurs due to collision impacts or shoddy repair work. That compromises the windshield's ability to protect you from debris, weather elements, and impact resistance and affects the vehicle's overall structural integrity. A professional repair technician helps to reposition the windshield, ensuring it's aligned with the vehicle's frame, to maintain its functionality and safety. 

Moisture or Water Leakage

You're supposed to be comfortable when driving your car, free from the stresses of outdoor conditions. That's why windshields are designed to be watertight, preventing moisture or water from seeping into the vehicle's interior. Issues such as aging, wear, and tear, or improper installation interfere with the watertight feature resulting in moisture and water leakage. That makes it uncomfortable to drive the vehicle during rainy weather and makes it difficult to properly clean it without preventing water from getting inside. If you don't fix the problem in time, you'll start experiencing fogging, a musty smell, and damage to the vehicle's interior, resulting in costly repairs. Taking the car to professional repair helps identify the leak's source and properly seal the windshield to prevent further water damage and leaks.

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