When To Consider Installing Impact-Resistant Windows

28 September 2021
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Impact-resistant windows are special because they have the ability to resist impact unlike traditional windows found on homes. If you're dealing with these situations, then impact-resistant windows may be needed.

Experience Strong Winds Regularly

There are some areas of the world that produce strong winds on a pretty routine basis. If you live in this type of climate, you want to have as much protection as possible for the windows around your home. They could be vulnerable to debris that high winds pick up after all. 

In this type of environment, you really should consider installing impact-resistant windows on your property. These windows feature strong glass and frames that can withstand blows and heavy force. Even if twigs and other objects were picked up in a wind storm and hit impact-resistant windows, they won't shatter or experience frame damage easily. That can help you avoid expensive window replacements.

Live in a Certain State

There are certain states that now mandate impact-resistant windows be incorporated into a home's design. If you're having a home built in one of these areas, then you need to comply with these regulations and invest in impact-resistant windows.

Not only will you have windows that are more durable and capable of lasting in extreme storms, but you'll have a new home that is compliant with window regulations. When having a home constructed by a builder, see if you fall in a state that requires impact-resistant window installation. Your home builder will know about these window requirements, so you can trust their recommendations. 

Want to Avoid a Hazardous Glass Cleanup

If you have regular windows on your home and they are struck by flying debris at fast speeds, then the glass can shatter. That creates a mess and also exposes you to potential hazards. For instance, if you tried picking up a sharp piece of glass after a window shattered, you could get cut.

Whereas if you invest in impact-resistant windows, there's actually a special film that will keep broken glass in place. You'll still have to replace the glass, but at least it will be in a contained area and make window glass replacement less dangerous as a result.

If you're looking to make a practical upgrade to your home, adding impact-resistant windows may be smart. That's especially true if you live in an area where strong winds are frequent or you're having a home built in a state that mandates the use of these special windows.