Installing A Glass Shower Door? See The Installation Mistakes You Need To Avoid

21 June 2021
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Glass shower doors have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. The doors are different from other shower doors in various ways. Glass allows light into the shower enclosure but keeps the water away from other parts of the room. It creates an open, seamless, and airy space. For this reason, glass shower doors can be a great investment for your bathroom. These doors are usually easy to clean, and they can serve you for decades if they are properly maintained. 

But for this to happen, the doors need to be properly installed. If a mistake happens during the installation process, the shower doors might not be functional and reliable. Here are three installation mistakes people can make when installing glass shower doors.

Assuming That Expensive Means the Best

When choosing glass shower doors for your bathroom, it is crucial to think about the cost. Even if you have enough money set aside for these doors, you shouldn't assume that the most expensive doors will automatically give you the best service. On the other hand, if you are upgrading your bathroom under a strict budget, avoid choosing the cheapest option in the market. 

The best thing to do is to take time so you can consider all the necessary aspects before you invest in the shower doors. Weigh the cost of the different types of glass in the market against the reviews on quality. Choose the doors that offer you the best quality for your price range. 

Making Measurement Mistakes

The dimensions are another consideration to make when installing glass shower doors. Most homeowners assume that getting the correct dimensions is easy simply because they have a measuring tape. Unfortunately, if you make mistakes when taking measurements, you will get cuttings that do not fit the door gap. This will completely ruin your installation experience and you will spend some more money to correct the problem. For this reason, get an expert to take the measurements because they will focus more on the accuracy and let them handle the installation process.

Assuming You Don't Need an Installation Expert

The expert determines how well the installation process of the glass shower doors will be. If you choose a competent and experienced installation expert, you are less likely to run into trouble with your project. It would be better to spend more money on a competent contractor than pay cheaply and lose the money in endless repairs. Ask for referrals from friends that have installed or used these doors, and look at online reviews. Interview a few experts before settling on one. 

Investing in quality glass shower doors for your bathroom is a superb idea. However, you need to pay much attention to the installation process. Do your best to ensure you avoid the mistakes above to ensure you get value for your money after the installation. Start by choosing a competent installation contractor to handle the installation for you. They will help you get top-quality glass shower doors for a durable and attractive bathroom. 

For more information on glass shower door installation, contact a contractor in your area.