4 Important Things To Know About Anti-Graffiti Film

16 March 2021
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If you want to protect your glass from graffiti and other damage, you will want to install anti-graffiti film on your windows. This film can be useful in retaining and business settings, which is why it is important to understand how this film works.

Thing #1: Both Interior & Exterior Installation

Anti-graffiti film protects your windows from spray paint, as well as from other scratches and damages. Although the graffiti film is traditionally installed on the outside of windows, it can also be installed on the inside of your windows as well. If you are worried about customers or employees damaging the inside of your windows, you can install anti-graffiti film on the inside of your windows as well.

For example, in a daycare, where children can grab ahold of crayons and markers to write with, you are going to want to consider installing anti-graffiti film on the inside of your windows to protect them.

Thing #2: Water Bubbles are Normal

When the graffiti protection film is installed on windows, it is common for there to be water bubbles when you first install the film. This is a natural part of the drying process; as the window film dries, moisture that is trapped under the film will create air bubbles. Over time, the moisture will evaporate, and the bubbles can be taken care of once things dry out.

Thing #3: Installation Process is Easy

Next, the installation process for the graffiti protection film is easy. The installers will put down drop cloths to protect your floors, walls, and nearby furniture. They will clean your windows, and then apply a water solution to the window, and then put the window film in place. After that, they will clean everything up. This is an easy and quick installation process that isn't going to make a big mess or take that long.

The graffiti protection film can be installed on both business and residential windows; it will work on all types of windows and can be great in both business and residential applications.

Thing #4: Provides High Levels of Protection

The graffiti film provides you with protection. If your windows are tagged, you can easily clean them without damaging the glass. If someone writes on your windows or takes a marker or crayon to them, they will be easy to clean up. You can clean the film effortlessly, or you can easily replace the film.

If you want to protect your windows from damage, the graffiti protection film is easy to apply and provides a high level of protection for your windows.