Auto Glass Enhancements: Aftermarket Additions To Make Your Windows And Windshields Better

5 February 2020
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Most people buy a car and drive away from the dealership never knowing or realizing that they can add enhancements to their vehicles. These aftermarket additions can be really beneficial, too. Take auto glass enhancements, for example. The following additions can make your windows and windshields even better than they are now. 


Tinting is a dip and spray process that will make your windshields and windows darker from the outside and prevent solar glare and excess heat from the inside. The auto glass technicians will remove and apply a tinting coat to each window and windshield before reinstalling these items. The cost is based on the number of windows and windshields you request to be tinted and how dark you want to go. 

UVA/UVB Protection

This is another application that is either dipped or sprayed to adhere to the glass. It blocks the negative effects of the sun on the interior of your vehicle. The protective coating stops the UVA/UVB rays from bleaching out the upholstery and the plastic parts of your vehicle so that it stays looking new. Other items stored in your vehicle may have some protection against the bleaching effects of the sun as well, since the windows are already preventing other visible parts of the interior of your vehicle from sun damage. 

Extra Lamination

Laminated glass shatters vary differently from tempered glass. You can add lamination to the one windshield in your vehicle that is tempered glass, thereby doubly protecting the tempered glass from breaking and shattering the way it normally does. If you like, applying more lamination to the windows of your vehicle ensures that it will be much harder for thieves to do a "smash and grab" theft on your vehicle. 

Requesting One or More of the Above After Your Vehicle Glass Needs to Be Replaced

Not surprisingly, people find out about these glass enhancements after their auto glass has been damaged and requires replacing. If you already know about these enhancements, you can have them done before your windows and windshields are ever damaged. If you know about these enhancements but your glass has already been damaged, you can request one or more of the enhancements to be applied while your damaged glass is in the process of being replaced. It will be easy enough to do on the piece of glass that needs replacing, but if you want more windows or another windshield enhanced, it will require extra time in the shop. For more information, contact an auto glass service in your area.